Thursday, January 21, 2010

Message from Jennifer Bruny, MD

"Due to our internet here, we cannot download pictures or videos (too much bandwidth), but tonight would have been the night for such things. We are staying at a mission house. The backyard/soccer field is both a camp of tents and tarps for the displaced, and our "hospital" and treatment area (also under tarps and tents).

There is a man here named Mark who does a lot of work in Haiti and likes to sing with them and educate through song. After dinner he led all the children staying here around the camp singing songs and dancing. Pretty soon we all either voluntarily joined in or where coaxed in by the crew. They love to sing and jump and dance. They love to interact with us, play, have their pictures taken. It was almost a blessing it was dark because we couldn't take pictures or video much. Instead we simply had to join in.

This is the hope of Haiti. You will hear different reports everywhere about how efforts are going down here. We are here for the heart of these people. For the kids who love to dance and sing and continue to do so despite the tragedy around them."