Thursday, January 21, 2010

Message from Eric Tham and Jennifer Bruny

"The group from The Children’s Hospital was fortunate to join a group led by Dr. Mark Winslow, a family practitioner who has made more than a dozen trips to Haiti with his family. He is also joined by his wife Katherine, a teacher. Also joining him are his brother, Greg Winslow, an EMT, and Betsy Folker, a PT, both from Gunnison. While not with us physically, Dr. Winslow's office manager Linda has been working tirelessly back in Colorado to arrange all the logistics of getting us here and getting us out. It is the experience of Dr. Winslow's family coming to Haiti for years and Linda that have made our trip down here safe and smooth. Our group is rounded out by Boyd "Awesome" who is part of the adult Flight Life Colorado team. We had decided to name ourselves Team Denver."